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SocialTalent Live: Flex or Fail - Navigating Hybrid Work
It has been almost three years since the world of work was plunged into an impromptu mass experiment of remote working. Home offices were created, tech evolved to bridge the distances, and employees embraced this newfound level of flexibility. But how would we assess this monumental change now?

Flexibility has come to mean more than just where we work. The new hybrid dilemma means balancing productivity as well as well-being. It’s about having the autonomy to choose, to build a culture that allows everyone to do their best work and not feel constricted. However, we’re only at the beginning of this new dawn. Creating true flexibility in a workplace isn’t easy, and this new model requires iteration, development, and discussion.

In this edition of SocialTalent Live, we’re bringing together industry experts and global CPOs to give their perspectives on flexibility in 2023. We’ll look at its role in employee engagement and retention, how leaders can respond to the changing workforce, and how flexibility can impact well-being and inclusion.

Mar 30, 2023 04:00 PM in Dublin

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