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SocialTalent Live: Elevating and Innovating TA Leadership
In this difficult hiring environment, the function of TA continues to evolve. And while hiring the best external candidates will always be the primary focus, it’s becoming increasingly important for TA leaders to think about the role more holistically and strategically.

Agility is essential in this current climate. By expanding their scope of influence beyond transactional recruiting, TA leaders have an opportunity to become changemakers within their companies. But how do you determine the right TA model for your organization? In what ways can TA leaders bring more innovative thinking to their approach? And how do you create the business case to ask for what you need to deliver on your company’s hiring goals?

In this event, we bring together a host of global TA leaders and industry experts, to discuss how the role of TA leadership can be elevated and optimized to drive more strategic success.


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